Government shutdown: Live updates from a country in standstill

Government shutdown: Live updates from a country in standstill

Live updates on the government shutdown.

  • 10/3/2013 3:07:28 PM Amy.Hubbard
    Obama, live in Maryland: "Unlike past shutdowns ... this one has nothing to do with deficits or spending or budgets. .... This whole thing is about one thing, the Republican obsession with dismantling the Affordable Care Act. ... That seems to be the only thing that unites the Republican party these days."
  • #Obama calls out @SpeakerBoehner Boehner by name as being responsible for #shutdown , says votes are there to pass. "Call a vote"
  • Obama: "Take a vote, stop this farce, end this #shutdown right now!" #JustVote
  • 10/3/2013 3:05:23 PM Amy.Hubbard
    Obama, live in Maryland, firing up the crowd: "Take a vote! Stop this farce! And end this shutdown right now! If you're being disrespected it's because of that attitude you've got."
  • interesting hot mic convo btwn McConnell and Rand Paul >…
  • Obama: "You already get to serve the American people. There is no higher honor than that." #JustVote
  • 10/3/2013 3:04:01 PM Amy.Hubbard
    Obama, live in Maryland: "They won't agree to end the shutdown until they get their way.  ...  One House Republican said ... and I didn't make this up.  'We're not going to be disrespected. We have to get something out of this. And I don't know what that even is.' " (Looks incredulous)
  • 10/3/2013 3:01:47 PM Amy.Hubbard
    Obama live in Maryland: "My simple message today is: Call a vote! Call a vote!  Put it on the floor and let every individual member of Congress make up their own minds. ... That way the American people will be clear about who's responsible for a shutdown."
  • #ChainedCPI action, front, #immigration reform presser in back. More action outdoors than inside #Capitol .

  • 10/3/2013 3:00:41 PM Amy.Hubbard
    Obama, live in Maryland: "The only thing that is keeping the the government shut down ... is that Speaker John Boehner won't even let the bill get a yes or no vote because he doesn't want to anger the extremists in his party.  That's what this whole thing is about."
  • Day three of the #BoehnerShutdown . Day three of the new @Obamacare marketplace providing health insurance options to millions.
  • 10/3/2013 2:58:04 PM Amy.Hubbard
    Obama: "The longer this goes on, the worse it will be, and it makes no sense. There's one way out of this ... Republican shutdown. Congress has to pass a budget ... with no partisan strings attached."
  • Obama: "The American people elected their representatives to make their lives easier, not harder." #JustVote
  • 10/3/2013 2:56:37 PM Amy.Hubbard
    President Obama speaking now at M. Luis Construction Co., Rockville, Md.: Talking up small business. 'We're making steady progress ...  We can't afford to threaten that progress right now. Right now hundreds of thousands of Americans ... suddenly aren't receiving their paycheck. Right now they're worrying about missing their rent or their mortgage or even making ends meet. ... Imagine if suddenly you weren't sure you're going to get your next paycheck. That's what's happening right now to hundreds of thousands of Americans across the country.

    It's happening because of a reckless Republican shutdown in Washington."
  • 10/3/2013 2:10:46 PM GADHOUSER
    It is obvious that Democrats and Republican alike just want to ruin America. Vote Independent! Democrats dont care about America, that is why they want the health bill to continue. They want big government control, lazy people, and Congress gets the best health care. Thanks for wanting bigger debt, that will only result in poor becoming poorer.
  • 10/3/2013 2:10:45 PM MI Mike
    Does this mean I finally have some tax relief? Government is not working, then I or anyone else should not be taxed for that period of time! I'll keep counting the days I worked while our childish politicians continue to fight each other ultimately shutting down the most powerful nation in the world (for now). We are a global joke! Obama is a socialist. Make me pay for health care or you fine me? What is wrong with this country? Websites detailing your options for government subsidies? Yeah, why not make it easier for people to "work" the system. I'm moving to Canada my friends until this stops.
  • 10/3/2013 12:56:55 AM Laura E. Davis
    Thanks for hanging out with us today to get the latest on the government shutdown. We're signing off for tonight, but we'll pick it back up Thursday morning or as news warrants. Meanwhile, get all our latest stories here.
  • Officials says U.S. military academy football games may go ahead this weekend after all, despite shutdown: -SS
  • 10/3/2013 12:48:14 AM Laura E. Davis
    House Republicans turn toward seeking a deal on the debt ceiling

    House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) pleaded for patience Wednesday from a nervous faction of Republicans clamoring for a resolution to the government shutdown, now headed into a third day after congressional leaders left the White House without a path toward a deal.

    Essentially resigned that they will be unable to win support from House Republicans for a no-strings bill to fund the government, the leadership has clearly shifted to the next battle: the debt ceiling. That all but ensures a prolonged government shutdown as Republicans seek a deal aiming at the Oct. 17 deadline to raise the debt ceiling or face a potentially catastrophic default.

    Click here to read the whole story.
  • Quote of the day: What to call you & 'moderate'-minded conservative Rs? "The Lone Ranger," said @RepPeteKing of NY.
  • 10/3/2013 12:32:04 AM tenny.tatusian
    Patt Morrison asks Magic 8 Balls for thoughts on Obamacare and more
  • 10/2/2013 11:43:17 PM Laura E. Davis
    "A search team looking for a missing Idaho hiker has been scaled back considerably due to the federal government shutdown. Jo Elliott-Blakeslee, 63, and her hiking partner Amy Linkert, 69, who were last known to be hiking in Craters of the Moon National Preserve, were reported missing on September 23. Linkert's body was found two days after the pair were reported missing.

    The effort to find the hikers began with a team of 70 search and rescue personnel, 7 dog teams, and helicopter support. After the shutdown, the search was halted altogether, as federal law prohibits federal employees from performing work for which funds have not been allocated. Ultimately, 10 park rangers were granted special permission to continue the search unpaid. The search area covers  approximately 1,100 miles of terrain."

    That's one of the five shutdown stories that didn't make the headlines from Al Jazeera America
  • I am thinking of moving to a country with a dictatorship. Democracy is not looking very good right now.
  • Where we stand. After WH meeting. Boehner: 'The president will not negotiate.' Reid: 'The president was strong, strong, strong.'
  • 10/2/2013 11:22:56 PM tenny.tatusian
    Ted Cruz said he would deliver the votes and he didn’t deliver any Democratic votes. He pushed House Republicans into traffic and wandered away. - Grover Norquist
  • will be updating this post in a few mins with more info... per Rs, grand bargain is in play as debt limit nears
  • 10/2/2013 11:14:46 PM Laura E. Davis
    Reid and Pelosi are done speaking outside the White House. The meeting seems to have ended without progress.
  • 10/2/2013 11:12:11 PM tenny.tatusian
    'Beyond cataclysmic' - Nancy Pelosi on  shutdown + not lifting debt ceiling
  • The House is done for the night. Senate adjourned hours ago. We're on to shutdown Day 3
  • 10/2/2013 11:09:03 PM Laura E. Davis
    Harry Reid: "We are locked in tight on Obamacare."
  • 10/2/2013 11:07:35 PM Laura E. Davis
    Nancy Pelosi says she's "hopeful that we heard each other" in discussions at the White House. Calls the meeting "worthwhile."
  • .@SenatorReid : POTUS was "strong, strong, strong."
  • BREAKING: White House meeting over, Boehner says Obama won't negotiate.
  • Reid says he's willing to talk about anything Boehner wants to talk about re spending but not till clean bill is passed.
  • 10/2/2013 11:03:08 PM Laura E. Davis
    Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are speaking outside the White House right now. Watch the video here.
  • Shutdown goes to Day 3 as both Senate and House are done for the day
  • 10/2/2013 8:08:27 PM Amy.Hubbard
    CNBC exclu with President Obama: "Absolutely I'm exasperated. ... When you have a situation in which a faction is willing to potentially default on U.S. government obligations, then we are in trouble."
  • Pre-game huddle RT @LisaMascaroinDC : Looks like @SpeakerBoehner heading in the back way to Leader McConnell's office.
  • 10/2/2013 8:04:46 PM Amy.Hubbard
    Private employers added 166,000 jobs in September, 10% lower than expected.  Right? So says the ADP, but those findings are no substitute for the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, experts say -- and that report probably not be released on Friday due to the shutdown.  (PBS)

  • If you believe that the ADP report is a substitute for the payrolls report, you deserve to be deeply misled.
  • Retweet if you want this #shutdown to end.
  • Looks like @SpeakerBoehner heading in the back way to Leader McConnell's office. #shutdown
  • 10/2/2013 7:52:06 PM Morgan Little

    White House reporter Kathleen Hennessey runs through the current situation as the government shutdown continues with no end yet in sight.

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