Malaysia Airlines flight disappears

Malaysia Airlines flight disappears

A Boeing 777 flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing went missing over Vietnam. A search and rescue effort is underway.

  • 3/8/2014 4:23:05 AM tenny.tatusian
    We are closing down our live coverage but will continue watching for developments on the fate of flight MH370 with 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board. Go to for the latest news.
  • 3/8/2014 2:51:15 AM Amy.Hubbard
    Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 with 227 passengers and 12 crew members aboard was
    scheduled to land in Beijing at 6:30 a.
    m. local time but did
    not arrive.  A
    search and rescue effort is now underway.

  • 3/8/2014 2:52:48 AM Amy.Hubbard
    The airline may have run out of fuel, according to a CNN report.
    At the time of its disappearance, the plane was carrying about 7.5 hours of fuel, Malaysia Airlines Vice President of Operations Control Fuad Sharuji told the news outlet.
  • Malaysia Airlines says missing flight has likely run out of fuel by now @KTLA #MH370

  • 3/8/2014 2:57:25 AM Jimmy Orr
    According to China's state news agency, the plane lost communication over Vietnam with control department in Ho Chi Minh City at 1:20 a.m. The radar signal also was lost, Xinhua reported.
  • 3/8/2014 2:57:58 AM Amy.Hubbard
    According to the most recent news reports, there were no reports of distress prior to the disappearance of the aircraft.
  • 3/8/2014 2:58:36 AM Jimmy Orr
    "Our team is currently calling the next-of-kin of passengers and crew. Focus of the airline is to work with the emergency responders and authorities and mobilize its full support," Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said in a statement.
  • 3/8/2014 3:00:49 AM Jimmy Orr
    The plane was carrying 227 passengers, including two infants, and 12 crew members
  • 3/8/2014 3:00:55 AM Amy.Hubbard
    At the airline's website, next of kin are being instructed where to report.

  • Malaysia Airlines official dismisses rumors about jetliner: "We don’t know" where it is.
  • 3/8/2014 3:02:12 AM Jimmy Orr
    Flight MH 370, operating a Boeing B777-200 aircraft departed Kuala Lumpur at 12.21 a.m. (1621 GMT Friday) and had been expected to land in the Chinese capital at 6.30 a.m. (2230 GMT) the same day.
  • 3/8/2014 3:03:28 AM Amy.Hubbard
    Poignant words on the website's Facebook page:
    "We deeply regret that we have lost all contacts with flight MH370 which departed Kuala Lumpur at 12.41 am earlier this morning bound for Beijing."

  • 3/8/2014 3:04:35 AM Jimmy Orr
  • 3/8/2014 3:05:41 AM Amy.Hubbard
    The airline changed its Facebook cover photo after news surfaced that the plane was missing to an image of empty sky.

  • 3/8/2014 3:06:21 AM Jimmy Orr
    Chinese state TV also reported there had not been any reports received yet about any aircraft crashed in Chinese waters.
  • 3/8/2014 3:07:05 AM tenny.tatusian
    The arrivals board at Beijing airport lists Malaysia Airlines flight as "delayed."
  • 3/8/2014 3:08:24 AM Amy.Hubbard
    The plane reportedly was not experiencing problems before its disappearance

  • 3/8/2014 3:10:15 AM Amy.Hubbard
    Malaysia's Transport minister tells families to "stay calm":

    Acting Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said he
    instructed all relevant agencies, including the Royal Malaysian Air
    Force, to work together to locate the missing plane.
    “Shocked thoughts
    and prayers with those on board,” he said.
    “To the family members of the
    passengers on board: stay calm and only get info from validated

  • 3/8/2014 3:10:38 AM Jimmy Orr

    "This news has made us all very worried," Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a statement.

    "We hope every one of the passengers is safe. We are doing all we can to get more details."

  • 3/8/2014 3:10:54 AM tenny.tatusian
    Air traffic control lost contact with the flight two hours after it departed Kuala Lumpur.
  • 3/8/2014 3:12:38 AM Amy.Hubbard
    The Boeing 777 has a "nearly spotless" safety record, NBC reports.

    The company has delivered more than 1,000 777 aircraft since 1995. The National Transportation Safety Board has logged fewer than 60 incidents involving the aircraft since mid-1997, most of them minor.

    The plane had had a nearly spotless record before the crash of an Asiana Airlines flight at San Francisco International Airport in July.

  • 3/8/2014 3:13:53 AM Jimmy Orr
    To the family members of the passengers on board- stay calm &only get info fr validated sources. We'll keep all informed. Prayers with all -- Hishammuddin Hussein, Malaysian politician currently heading the Minister of Defence & Minister of Transport (Acting) of the Malaysia Government.
  • 3/8/2014 3:16:53 AM Jimmy Orr
  • 3/8/2014 3:20:03 AM Amy.Hubbard
    From the news conference.  Officials say the flight had an experienced pilot -- 53 years old with a total 18,365 flying hours. He joined Malaysia Airlines in 1981.

  • 3/8/2014 3:23:38 AM tenny.tatusian
    The latest press release from Malaysia Airlines:
  • 3/8/2014 3:24:29 AM tenny.tatusian
    The airline will provide regular updates on the situation.
    The public may contact +603 7884 1234.
    - Malaysia Airlines press release
  • 3/8/2014 3:26:21 AM tenny.tatusian
    The passengers were of 13 different nationalities. "Next-of-kin" being contacted. - Malaysia Airlines
  • 3/8/2014 3:28:27 AM Amy.Hubbard
    ABC's Bob Woodruff:  The aircraft had "no connection to Asiana 777 crash in San Francisco"
  • 3/8/2014 3:33:47 AM Amy.Hubbard
    Media converges on Beijing Airport and a possible relative of a passenger. The airline notified next of kin, a sign it likely expected the worst.
    Mark Ralston / AFP/Getty Images 

  • 3/8/2014 3:38:18 AM Amy.Hubbard
    Passengers aboard the missing airline included those from the United States, Malaysia, Australia, Taiwan, Ukraine, Netherlands, Austria, Russia, Canada, Italy and China.
  • 3/8/2014 3:39:26 AM tenny.tatusian
    What we know so far:
    • Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 left Kuala Lumpur airport at 12:41 a.m. Saturday
    • En route to Beijing with 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board
    • Last contact was with Vietnam air traffic control two hours after departure
    • Pilots had not been in touch with Chinese air traffic control
    • Chinese air traffic control says plane did not enter its airspace
    • Public can call +603 7884 1234

  • 3/8/2014 3:41:48 AM Amy.Hubbard
    There were no fatalities aboard a Boeing 777 before the crash at SFO in July, according to the LA Times' Ron Lin.
  • Boeing 777 aircraft considered safe passenger jet. Missing Malaysian Airlines flight was a 777. Before #Asiana214 , no fatalities on a 777.
  • 3/8/2014 3:42:16 AM tenny.tatusian
    Kuala Lumpur to Beijing has become more and more popular as Malaysia and China increase trade and as affluent Chinese seek tropical vacation destinations, the BBC reports.
  • 3/8/2014 3:53:25 AM Amy.Hubbard
    Unconfirmed reports that the signal of the plane has been detected according to a Vietnamese rescue official. Story developing.
  • 3/8/2014 3:54:37 AM Amy.Hubbard
    From Xinhuanet:

    HANOI, March 8 (Xinhua) -- A Vietnamese official of
    search and rescue said Saturday that the signal of the missing Malaysia
    Airlines plane has been detected, local media reported.

    The official told local VNExpress that the signal of the plane with
    227 passengers and 12 crew members on board has been detected at some
    120 nautical miles southwest of Vietnam's southernmost Ca Mau province.

  • 3/8/2014 4:02:44 AM Amy.Hubbard
    From the Boston Globe:

    BEIJING — China’s state media say Vietnamese authorities have detected signals from the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

    The Xinhua News Agency, citing a local Vietnamese media report, says a
    Vietnamese search and rescue official reported that the signals have
    been detected from the plane from about 220 kilometers (120 miles)
    southwest of Vietnam’s southernmost coastal province of Ca Mau.

  • 3/8/2014 4:04:12 AM Amy.Hubbard
    Reuters had a differing report:

    - No signal had been picked up from a Malaysia Airlines Boeing B777-200
    aircraft flight carrying 239 passengers and crew from Kuala Lumpur to
    Beijing, a Vietnamese rescue official said on Saturday.

    "We have been seeking but no signal from the plane yet," Pham Hien,
    director of a Vietnam maritime search and rescue coordination centre in
    Vung Tau, told Reuters by telephone.

  • 3/8/2014 4:16:22 AM Amy.Hubbard
    From Malaysia Airlines statement -- passengers from 14 countries, four from the U.S. including one infant.

  • Reporters wait for word of #Malaysia Airline flight at presser in Beijing.

  • 3/8/2014 4:20:32 AM tenny.tatusian
    Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 239 people still missing

    A Malaysia Airlines flight carrying 239 people from Kuala Lumpur to
    Beijing remained missing hours after it lost contact with air traffic
    controllers Saturday, and a search-and-rescue effort was underway,
    officials said.

    Flight MH370, with 227
    passengers and 12 crew members aboard, was scheduled to land in the
    Chinese capital at 6:30 a.
    m. but did not arrive. It departed from the
    Malaysian capital at 12:41 a.
    m. Saturday and lost contact with Malaysian
    air traffic controllers about two hours later, the airline said.

    - L.A. Times Beijing correspondent Julie Makinen

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